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The Wizard Wireless Network -
Becoming a Staff Member:
   So you want to become part of the team that makes up WWN? Well, you've come to the right place! It's not difficult, all you have to do is subscribe to the staff mailing list. But there's more to being a part of WWN the talking on the show.
  Before actually going on-air, you must prove that you'll be willing to put in the effort for WWN. At first, you may be asked to think of ideas or do background research for other shows, helping them along their way. You'll get the chance to do interviews, report on the current events, anything that is interesting that youd like to report on. Try your hardest, because if jockeys like your work, you'll be invited to co-host a show, and then you can make your way up from there, getting your own show if you've got something to talk about.
Geographical Location:
Favourite Harry Potter Book:
HTML/Webpage/Graphics/Sound Editing experience?
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What area of WWN are you interested in?

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Becoming an Affiliate:
   The Wizard Wireless Network looks for affiliates in order to have more publicity. We'll display your site's banner (linked to your site) if you'll display ours. That way, visitors can click on the link and have easy access to the other site! Do you have an HP site and are interested? E-mail in the URL.
Quidditch Team/League Submissions
   Why on earth would we be looking for Quidditch teams, you must be asking. Well here's the answer.
   Many muggle sports channels cover various types of atheletics, and WWN would like to host a regular show about the national wizarding sport. WWN is trying to unite with Wizard Quidditch Leagues and any Magical Wizard School RPGs that host regular games with the intention of commenting the game on-air as it goes on, like Lee Jordan or Ludo Bagman. A review of the game will later be posted on the site, along with a transcript of the commentary.
   This will benefit both WWN and the teams publicity wise. Even the fans. It's understandable that not every fan can be present at a Quidditch Chat-Game, because their conversations would clutter the feild. With the broadcasted commentary, fans who aren't present at the game can still hear about their teams and who's winning. Anyone who would just happen to listen to the show from the WWN site would be instantly introduced to the RPG site and might consider taking part in it.
   WWN would adore the privelidge of commenting your school or team games. If you are interested, please submit your school name and URL so we may visit your site.
Special Thanks so far to , iHogwarts, and the Hogsmeade Hippogriffs.
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