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The Wizard Wireless Network -

elcome! The Wizard Wireless Network brings you a Harry Potter fansite that you've never seen before: one that's actually on the radio. Thank you for supporting us and Harry Potter. Constructive feedback is always appreciated! 

Love talking about Harry Potter? Want to become part of WWN Staff? Apply here! We're always looking for more helping hands,affiliates and more!

 Last Updated 2001/07/13
    Morgana Faye here, bringing you the latest update. You'll noticed the layout of our main page has changed again.. well, the frames were a whole lot more trouble then they were worth, so we got rid of them. And there banners are back on the page, no longer pop ups.
    In the latest news, The Potter Pages gave is their HP site award which we've shown in our new awards section.
   Our shows will soon be frequently airied: you can keep track by checking the show schedule and signing up for our weekly newsletter from there.