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  If you have a Harry Potter Fansite, you can use this button to link back to The Wizard Wireless Network. We're looking for affiliates, and if you are interested, please e-mail us so we can link back to you. Please link to Please visit our partners below :) They're sites that are very much worth your visit.


A site full of resources on the Harry Potter Books and movie.
This site is also maintained by the makers of the Tri-Wizard Tournament!

Harry Potter Space is a great site that not only offers an RPG for you to take part in, but plenty of HP info too! It has the chat transcripts, bio of J.K. Rowling, movie news, and more!

This site is THE place to go for tons of.. you guessed it, Harry Potter fun. It 's got the fanart and fanfiction, up to date news, and many games for you to try!

The Snitch is a beautifully pieced site that brings you all the latest in Harry Potter Movie News.

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