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Help Wanted:
Are you an avid Harry Potter fan? Are yo good at speaking, researching, image or sound editing? Who knows, you might become one of the next TJs in WWN! Click Here.

News 2001/07/04: Morgana Faye with you here once again proud to bring you our newest updates!
  Firstly, we have a slight change in the site's layout so that in can now be viewed by all browsers. Before, those with Netscape would have not seen our shows section properly. There still may be some kinks... we'll try to work those out.
   Secondly, we've got quite a few more shows planned!!! And a mighty welcome to our newest TJ, Padfoot. You'll find him working on many of the shows to be. You can expect to see The Loud Libretto, The Bludger Backbeat, and Siren Top 6 by the end of July for sure.