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    Fouls: the one thing you cannot avoid in any sports game. It's when one player purposely tries to attack or stop an opposing player using force (or magic, in the case of Quidditch.) At the Department of Magical Games and Sports, they have a long list of 700 fowls. This list was never made available to public so as not to give anyone ideas. Kennilworthy Whisp, author of Quidditch Through the Ages also agreed with this. Despite that, The Wizard Wireless Network now has the opportunity to present them to you.

   Now, some of these fowls may seem a tad absurd, but that was because in the first World Cup match (1473), in which all 700 fowls took place, players were allowed to use their wands. A ban was put up, stopping players from using their wand against opposing teams in 1538, but players are still allowed to carry their wands on them due to a rule placed by the Internation Confederation of Wizards in the 1600s, when the persecution of wizards and witches was at their height.

  90% of the fouls cannot take place if the teams respect the no-magic rule, and as for the remaining 10%, even most of the dirtiest players would stoop to that level. Or so says Kennilworthy Whisp. Yet they all did happened once, why not again?


 Applies to


 Axe Wagging

All Players  
 Attackig an opponent with an axe.


 All players
  Sticking any portion of the anatomy through a goal hoop to punch quaffle out. The Keeper is supposed to block the goal from the front rather the rear


 All Players
 Flying with the intent to collide


 All Players
 Locking broom handles with a view to steering opponent off course


 All Players
 Conjuring wild boars with wings with the intention of chasing away opponents


 Beaters Only
 Hitting Bludgers towards crowd, necessitating a halt of the game as officials rush to protect bystanders. Sometimes used by unscruptulous players to prevent an opposing chaser scoring.


 All Players
 Attacking an opponent's broom with a club


 All Players
 Excessive use of elbows towards opponents


 Chasers Only
 Hands still on Quaffle as it goes through goal hoop (Quaffle must be thrown)


 All Players
 Purposly mocking opponents by writing rude phrases on your forehead.


 All Players
 Transfiguring opponents and/or opponents' brooms into newts.


 All Players
 Setting fire to an opponents broomtail


 Chasers Only
 Tampering with Quaffle, e.g. puncturing it so that it falls more quickly or zigzags


All players but Seeker 
 Any player other than Seeker touching or catching Golden Snitch.


 Chasers Only
 More then one Chaser entering the scoring area.

Do you have any foul ideas? Then submit them! Let's try and make it to 700!
We'd also love to have some of these plays illustrated and made into a handbook.. anyone interested?