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 The Wizard Wireless Network -


   Yes, there is a way The Wizard Wireless Network can help you with your quidditch team, league, school, or RPG. WWN is offering the chance for teams to be commented LIVE on air.

    Why would you want to have your show commented, anyways?

Well, Many sites don't allow just anyone to be present at the game, they'll often limit it to players only. By having your games commented on-air, non-players can listen in and cheer for their favourite team! People who just surf into WWN will suddenly be exposed to your site and might even drop by for a visit.

   How would The Wizard Wireless Network comment the games?

First things first: WWN would need a copy if your game schedule, URLs where games are held, a screen name and password for chatrooms etc. etc. Then WWN would make sure to have a commentator at each of your games! On air, the commentator will describe different plays, scores, questions (if games are the trivia-based kind) and more. Depending on how you'd want things run, there could be more then one commentator, one neutral, and one from each team.. we're flexible!

    How and when can WWN start commentating my team's games on air?

We can start straight away! Send an e-mail with your team name, URL, and any important information to WWN . We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, don't hesitate to e-mail us with any questions.

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